Tomoe Hotaru

Hotaru. The little girl no one would suspect. Sickly, and shy. But for some reason the other kids are afraid of this seemingly harmless girl. Could it be her strange ability to heal others? Or perhaps the fact that she has violent outbursts that she can't seem to remember? Whether it be one or both the children keep ther distance.
Poor Hotaru had not a friend in the world until she ran upon Chibi Usa. This innocent little pink haired child took delight in Hotaru's healing abilities instead of shunning her. And Hotaru made her first, and best friend. After her friendship with Chibi Usa began to blossom it seemed that Hotaru was getting a beter outlook on life. The deamon inside her would not stand for it.
Hotaru's beautiful name means "Firefly of Earth"
Tomoe=Of Earth
So in a literal translation we should be calling her Firefly. Actually that's a cute nickname ^_^